Breathwork & Selfworth

You know, for much of my life I felt extremely out of place. For years I believed I had to be perfect to be worthy of love. It was one of my biggest challenges, and sometimes still is, to be truly seen with all my flaws and still feel worthy of love and acceptance.

⚡️I had to unlearn the habit of only showing the parts of me I thought were lovable.

⚡️I had to unlearn the habit of ignoring, rejecting and abandoning my own needs and put the needs of others above mine.

⚡️I had to relearn to owning my worthiness of love, my worthiness of receiving anything I wish for, so that abundance can flow in my life.

If we have a low level of self worth, it’s very likely our world will reflect back to us this same level of scarcity.

When our level of self worth is high, it will show up as:

  • Being able to trust yourself

  • Feeling confident in who you are in relationships with others

  • Not staying in situations that make you feel unworthy or putting up with mistreatment

  • Not seeking constant reassurance and validation

  • Taking responsibility for your own feelings and emotions, rather than viewing yourself as a victim of circumstances or other people

As I watch my clients over time, the ones who lean into working on their self worth and are cultivating authentic self-love seem to have a much easier time in living a fulfilled, abundant and joyful life. And they experience greater fulfillment in personal relationships as well.

There is no magic wand you can wave to make this happen. But there is the magic of breathwork and the power of your will, your intentions and actions.

💫 Breathwork can help you recognize and let go of false beliefs you hold onto

💫 Breathwork connects you to your intuition, your soul so that you can clearly hear its voice

💫 Breathwork let’s you break free your past

💫 Breathwork can help you see your beauty, your inner light. It can show you your worthiness and that you are good enough the way you are

If you are also ready to shed the layers of self doubt and unworthiness and discover whats on the other side of that wall that’s been keeping you stuck in smallness add yourself to the list of my upcoming workshops or send me an e-mail to arrange a 1:1 Breathwork & coaching Session.

Thank you for being here, and for being such an incredible force for good in this world.

with all my love



Breathwork with Astrid for self-worth, self-esteem, self-love
Breathwork with Astrid for self-worth, self-esteem, self-love

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