virtual Breathwork Journey

Live on October 25th, at 19:00 (cet)

Online Breathwork

Breathwork is a powerful tool for self-healing, self-discovery, and transformation. This Breathwork session is an inner journey, a journey into your subconscious.

Through an intense breathing technique, accompanied by music, a trance-like state is achieved. This gives you the opportunity to look at hidden aspects that subconsciously influence your life. In addition, the session gives you a chance to free yourself from emotional baggage and reduce stress or depression. 

Breathwork also enhances your intuition and creativity and gives you the opportunity to connect with your "Higher Self" and gain deep insights about yourself and your life. 

🔸 Is there something you want to heal, to release?


🔸 Do you need clarity, insights, or understanding in a certain area of your life?


🔸 Or do you simply want to experience what is possible with your breath?



  •  to find trust and inner peace in the chaos.

  •  to free yourself from emotional baggage.

  •  reduce stress, insecurities, and fears

  •  to heal emotional wounds and traumas

  •  gain more inner peace and serenity

  •  to gain access to subconscious programming and blockages

  •  to connect with your Higher-Self

  •  to increase your creativity

  •  to gain insight and clarity in certain areas of your life

  •  strengthen your immune system and activate your self-healing powers

  •  explore altered states of consciousness 


I am very excited to go on this inner journey with you on October 25th, 2021, at 19:00

💫 Intention Ritual
💫Breathwork Session
💫Closing Circle 

The session lasts 1.5 hours and costs 33.- CHF. If you are struggling financially, I don't want to exclude you in any case. Please write me a message and tell me briefly about your situation. 

As soon as you have registered, I will send you the link to the Zoom Meeting, plus all other important information for the Ceremony. 

I am looking forward to meeting you! ️



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